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Please note

I left my position at Goethe University in March 2015. This page is outdated. Current information (including downloads) can be found on my main page.

Old stuff



pcp.py is a little script that tries to find all minimal solutions of an instance of the Post Correspondence Problem.


You need to install Python 3 on your computer (Python 2 will not work). Then download pcp.py. You can then run python3 pcp.py for an example. (Depending on your system, you can give pcp.py executable rights and run it directly.)

Implementation notes

Right now, changing the instance of the PCP and the bound on the length of the solution search requires (trivial) changes to the code. Code is not really optimized and barely commented, sorry about that. Also, solutions are presented as an ASCII graphic, which assumes lines of unbounded length. If you do not like this, you should redirect the output of the code into a file and handle this in some way. Or just rewrite the code.

Authors and license

Implemented by Dominik D. Freydenberger. If you care about this stuff, you are probably better off implementing it from scratch. But you never know, so I put it under the MIT License.