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Please note

I left my position at Goethe University in March 2015. This page is outdated. Current information (including downloads) can be found on my main page.

Old stuff


This page contains links to downloads that are somehow related to my work.

Learning subregular languages

This package contains the following two learning tools: Both tools use the same two algorithms from the paper that Timo Kötzing and I published at ICDT 2013 (paper, free preprint). As both tools are just two different wrappers for the same algorithms, it felt silly to split them up. If you really want to have only one, you can delete the other.

PCP solver

For one of my lectures, I wrote a little Python program called pcp.py that tries to find minimal solutions of instances of the Post Correspondence Problem. It's just a quick hack, but perhaps someone might have a use for it.